KCR Has To Put A Stop To His One-Sidedness

  • TRS is troubling people
  • The Government has to stop one-sided ways: Siva Kumar

Hyderabad: TYSRCP’s general
secretary Siva Kumar complained that TRS Government was troubling the people of
Telangana with its one-sided decisions and acts. He condemned not inviting
TYSRCP to the all-party meeting to be held in this month over the formation of
new districts. All the announcements made by the Government about inviting all
the parties recognised by the Elections Commission to the meeting were just
confined to the newspapers, he commented. He spoke to the media at the party’s
central office in Hyderabad.

Here is what he spoke

  • KCR did not respond when
    YSRCP and other parties tried to contact him since a few days.
  • We informed the CM’s
    office through letter and fax that the people of Telangana are facing troubles
    due to KCR’s one-sided decisions.
  • All the complaints to be
    given to the CM are now having to be directed to the Governor. This is the
    administration in ‘Bangaru Telangana’.
  • KCR’s newspaper ‘Namaste
    Telangana’ has published that all parties have been invited for the all-party
  • But in the announcement
    released by CMO office, there is no mention of YSRCP.
  • The left parties with
    one MLA seat also have been invited. In 2014 elections, one MP and 3 MLAs were
    elected from YSRCP in Telangana. How did the party miss the invitation in such
    a case?
  • The first all-party
    meeting held after KCR came to power was held in a nominal way. I represented GO
    58 and GO 59 on that day on behalf of YSRCP.
  • YSRCP has contributed
    certain valuable ideas at that time. They were also supported by the other
  • YSRCP was not even
    invited for Independence Day-related programmes.
  • The Supreme Court has
    warned the TRS Government against party defection.
  • YSRCP shall continue to
    fight on behalf of people.

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