Jupudi heckles at coconut theory of Naidu

Hyderabad, Nov 13,
2013: YSR Congress Party on Wednesday clarified that its representatives went
to Delhi and met the GoM on bifurcation only to make it clear to the Centre
that state must be kept united under any circumstances.

Rejecting the
allegations of Chandrababu Naidu that YSRCP is acting as per the script given
by Congress president Sonia Gandhi, party spokesperson and MlLC Jupudi
Prabhakara Rao told media persons here that Naidu learnt nothing out of his
being CM for 9 years and Leader of the Opposition for 9 years.

Calling Chandrababu a protagonist of
bifurcation, Prabhakar Rao asked him to stop enacting political dramas. 

“During the Samaikya Sankharavam
public meeting, our Party president Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy announced that
the party would meet the GoM if necessary to tell them that it has no right to
divide the state,” he recalled, adding party leaders Dr. M.V. Mysura Reddy and
Gattu Ramachandra Rao informed the GoM that the process of division must be
stopped immediately.

Heckling at TDP chief Chandrababu
Naidu equating the equal justice to breaking out a coconut into two equal pieces, he said Naidu should stop indulging in wasteful talk and start respecting the sentiments of the people. 

"If you are sincere on keeping the state united, you should take decisions in tune with the aspirations of the people," Jupudi told Naidu.

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