Janmabhoomi Committees Have To Be Cancelled

  • Chandrababu has to reform himself
  • He has to learnt to bother about
    the poor and the dalits
  • YS Jagan celebrates Babu Jagjivan
    Ram’s birth anniversary.

  • Hyderabad: Leader of opposition and YSRCP
    president YS Jagan demanded the cancellation of Janmabhoomi committees. He
    suggested that welfare schemes were applied impartially to everybody including
    the poor and the dalits. He opined that benefiting TDP leaders in the name of
    Janmabhoomi committees was unfair.

    The birth anniversary celebrations of the
    famous dalit leader and ex. Deputy Prime Minister Babu Jagjivan Ram were held
    at Vempalli of YSR district. Leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan
    attended the event as chief guest. He decorated the portrait of Babuji with a
    flower garland and paid homage to him. Prior to that, he also paid tribute to
    Dr.BR Ambedkar by honouring his statue with a flower garland. YS Jagan spoke
    about the service rendered by Babu Jagjivan Ram for the uplift of dalits.

    acclaimed Dr. BR Ambedkar and Babu Jagjivan Ram for the efforts they had put
    for the betterment of the lives of the people of downtrodden and marginalized classes. He
    stated that their service was still remembered today. He mentioned that it was
    time to check if the people of those classes were cared for now. He reminded
    that he had mentioned the same topic in the assembly.

    Jagan informed that the funds for people of SC and ST communities had to be
    given away to them depending on their population and that sub-plan was a boon
    given by the constitution. But the funds were not reaching the deserving people
    of backward castes, complained YS Jagan. He added that they were being deceived
    not just in the case of sub-plan but also in certain other ways. Tribal
    Advisory Council was supposed to be formed for the benefit of tribal people as part of constitutional duty of the chief minister,
    but it was not formed because it needed at least three-fourths of the members
    to be tribal MLAs. Six of the seven tribal MLAs of the state were from YSRCP,
    so the Government had been postponing the formation of the council since two
    years, YS Jagan proclaimed.

    Jagan made a special mention of Chandrababu’s mentality. He recollected Babu’s
    controversial statement that nobody would want to be born in SC community. He
    remarked that this sort of feudal mentality needed to be reformed. He quoted
    lines from Gurajada Apparao’s poetry.

    "ఎంచి చూడగా మనుజులందు మంచి, చెడ్డలు రెండే కులములు.. మంచి అన్నది మాల
    ఆ మాల నేనౌతా"

    YS Jagan opined that being in the responsible
    position of the CM of a state, instead of conveying the message that everybody
    was equal, Chandrababu was giving out unjust and insulting statements. He
    suggested that everybody prayed for the transformation of the mentality of

    Jagan specified that the Janmabhoomi committees in the state should be
    cancelled in order to save the honour of elected sarpanchs. Situation had risen
    where the word or the signature of the sarpanchs held no value, he stated.
    Authority was being placed in the hands of a handful of TDP activists. Sanction
    of pension and ration cards also was dependent on the signature of those
    activists. The committee had control over a number of issues. YS Jagan
    commented that such a miserable situation was to be seen nowhere else in India.
    He stated that the poor had no disparities of caste, religion or political
    party and that they had to be able to eat sufficiently every day. This needed
    the rule to be in such lines. Hence, Babu badly needed a transformation,
    concluded YS Jagan. So he called for everybody to work united for this.

    MP Avinash Reddy, YSRCP district president
    Amarnath Reddy, the leaders, activists and followers of the party took part in
    this event.

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