Jaleel Khan's Physical Assault Towards A Journalist

Vijayawada: MLA of Vijayawada West constituency Jaleel Khan exhibited his rowdy behaviour. Having already been accused of attacking journalists recently, he committed yet another assault towards a journalist. He physically attacked a local journalist last night.

Officials had decided to widen the main highway close to Jaleel Khan's office in Tarapeta. This extension of road is going to result in loss for a mosque and a Muslim graveyard. In light of this, the committee belonging to the graveyard and local Muslim leaders assembled near the graveyard on Friday night. A furious Jaleel Khan reached the place demanding an explanation for not informing him about the meeting. He started to verbally abuse everybody present there with filthy language.
The Press Club treasurer and journalist of Kakatiya Patrika, Shafi, who was passing by at that time observed the commotion and entered the scene and started taking photographs with his mobile phone. Jaleel Khan then reacted aggressively and commanded his followers to beat the photographer up. They not only beat him black and blue but also destroyed his phone. When Shafi tried to talk to Jaleel Khan, he warned him that he could get him imprisoned with no chance of getting bail. The victim reported about this incident to the police.

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