Jala jaagarana Against Babu's Conspiracies

  • Visweswar Reddy's fight against Chandrababu's conspiracies
  • Jala jaagarana deeksha at beluguppa
Ananthapuram: YSRCP MLA of Uravakonda constituency, Y.Visweswar Reddy took up fight against CM Chandrababu Naidu for directing water of Handri-Neeva Sujala Sravanthi scheme's first issue to his own constituency Kuppam. He held Jala Jaagarana deeksha at Beluguppa along with the farmers of uravakonda constituency. A huge number of farmers, party leaders and activists and people participated in this event.
As part of the first issue of Handri-Neeva, 1.18 lakh acres are supposed to be provided irrigation. By the time TDP came to powe, 90% of the work had already been over. Only distributory work was pending. If the Government had concentrated on this part, many acres might have been flourished in the last two years. But Chandrababu pushed this aside and concentrated on main canal work in order to take the water to his constituency Kuppam. Moreover he raised the estimated expenditure of the project in order to benefit his allies. The cost of second shift of the project work was raised from Rs.50 crore to Rs.300 crore.
Releasing GO 22 last year, orders were issued to not go near the basin work. With this decision, the people and the farmers of Uravakonda had to suffer loss. Except 25 acres belonging to Kurnool district, all the agricultural land under the basin's coverage of first shift of the project was in Ananthapuram. Uravakonda constituency, in particular, had over 75,000 acres. Reservoir also was built in Beluguppa mandal. The farmers of the area gave thousands of acres of land for the project. Residents of Jeedipalli suffered huge loss due to the construction of the reservoir. They have not been given rehabilitation even now. Due to pressure from MLA Y.Visweswar Reddy, the Government promised in writing, in last August that it would complete Raketla and Amidyala lift irrigation scheme. But that did not see any improvement either.
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