Jagan succeeded in getting consensus on article 3

Hyderabad, Dec 10, 2013: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy was successful in
bringing in a consensus among the national and regional parties on the issue of
amending article 3 which can be misused by the Party in power at the Centre and
split states according to its whims and fancies without taking local sentiments
and even assembly into consideration.  

“The developments in Delhi and back home have brought to the
fore the inefficiency of the ruling Congress that has mishandled the issue of
State bifurcation and 2G spectrum cases which resulted in the adjournment of
the House without transacting any business,” party official spokesperson Janak
Prasad told reporters here on Tuesday.  

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, who went round the country and met leaders
of national and regional parties, could convince them that there is need to
amend article 3 to curtail the right of the Centre to divide the State

He could advocate his version with conviction and clarity and
told them that the State is being split against the wish of 75 % of the
population for political reasons.  

TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu and Chief Minister N Kiran Kumar
Reddy lack sincerity on the issue and have been helping the high command in expediting
the division process.  

Of the six MPs only four TDP MPs have given notice for the no
confidence motion and the remaining two did not join for whatever reason. When
there is a clear division among the MPs, the leader is still silent and did not
spell out his stand. He neither withdraws the letter given for division nor
does he voice support for a united state. This ambiguity is by design as has
been running with the hare and hunting with the hound.  

While he had 90 MLAs, he told us that there are no numbers to
move a no-confidence motion against Kiran Kumar Reddy in the 294-member state
assembly. Four out of six TDP MPs have moved no- confidence motion in the Lok
Sabha against the UPA government which is ridiculous. Any Party needs to have a
stand which should be followed from the leader to grass-root level worker.   

Kiran Kumar Reddy is trying to search for reasons at this hour.
He should have quit the Party when the CWC had taken the decision to split the
State. He should have convened the assembly and passed a resolution against the
division of state much earlier.  

These developments indicate that the two leaders are acting as
per the Delhi dictates, he said. 


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