Jagan: Question Naidu on his fake promises

Gajapatinagaram, April
1, 2014: YSR Congress Party President Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy exhorted
people to question TDP President Chandrababu Naidu on why he didn’t implement during
his 9-year regime even a single promise from his plethora of assurances being
made now to the people.

Addressing a mammoth
YSR Jana Bheri public meeting at Gajapatinagaram in Vizianagaram district
Sunday evening, he said Naidu has been trying to hoodwink people with his innumerable
and non-practicable promises for garnering votes.

“For 65 year old Chandrababu,
this is the last election.  H wants to
come to power by hook or crook in these elections. Hence, he is making fake
promises. When he comes to you seeking votes, question him as to why he could not
implement even one of his promises now,” he told people.

Stating he was younger
to Chandrababu by 25 years, Sri Jagan Mohan Reddy said he could not make false
promises like Naidu.  “I have to practice
politics of credibility for the next 30 years and I can’t lie to you. I will
change the destiny of the state by signing five important files on the day of
taking over as CM after the elections,” he said and added: “People still
remember the Naidu regime as the most dreaded one. He has never kept his
promises and carries no credibility at all.

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