Jagan promises value based governance

Eluru, (West Godavari
dist), March 4: Resolutely affirming that it is time for the Generation Next to
take over the reins of the State, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said TDP leader N
Chandrababu Naidu has become irrelevant in public life and has
promised to usher in a vibrant governance embedded with credibility and
value-based politics.

The four signatures I will
stamp immediately after coming to power would change the course of the state
and put the development clock back on its precision and the state will be
shaped into the best in the country competing with international standards, he
said while addressing a public meeting as part of the YSR Jana Bheri here on

“My first signature will be
on the Amma Vadi scheme where in Rs 1,000 would be directly deposited to the
mother’s bank account monthly for the education of her two children and the
second signature will be on the file to increase the old age pension to Rs 700
per month.

A Market Stabilisation Fund
would be set up to provide cushion and provide MSP to farmers and the fourth
signature would waiving interest on DWACR loans,” he said.

The political system has
degenerated badly and has lost credibility with leaders like N Chandrababu
Naidu playing truant to people’s problems.  Credibility and value system are the two words
that cannot be seen in the present day politics and the new generation leaders
will take over and change the course of state by bringing in a welfare state.

Five years after YSR death,
he is still remembered by the people as his welfare schemes have percolated
deep into the hearts of the people as he believed in value-based politics and
was synonymous to credibility. It is not how many years you lived but how you
lived those years were the golden words of YSR and we have to emulate him while
serving the people.

Before YSR, people have
seen the dark age of N Chandrababu Naidu, wherein all sections of people were
put to hardships. The TDP leader has never bothered about the rural landscape
and talked ill of agriculture and farmers.

The pension during his term
was a paltry Rs 70 with quota system. Only 15-20 old people would get the
pension of the eligible 300 in a village. They used to plead with me for
pension but the government of the day had fixed quota and new ones would be
given only if the existing pension holder dies. This was very heart rending.

TDP government did not
bother about the students and made fun of the free power scheme. The DWACRA
groups were forced to repay the loans and penalties imposed. Medicare was a far
cry and quality treatment was not accessible to poor. They used to raise loans
and get into the debt trap. The nine year TDP rule has driven people into
indebtedness and suicides.

Chandrababu Naidu has no
credibility as he never kept the poll promises of Rs 2-kg rice and prohibition.
Besides lifting prohibition, he was instrumental in starting belt shops (cheap
liquor outlets).

The same Chandrababu Naidu
has betrayed the people by being instrumental in dividing the state. We tried
our best to stall the division but the Congress has ganged up with BJP at the
Centre and TDP in the State for the sake of votes and seats.

His dual policy is a total
sell-out for the people of Seemandhra. His double speak has to be rejected. On
one hand he says that there is injustice done to Seemandhra and on the other
his MPs vote for the division Bill and feel proud for casting the first vote.

With elections round the
corner, we have to win 30 MP seats and we will get funds and get projects as we
will have a say in the formation of government at the Centre. The TDP leader
has been speaking of Singapore, but we will make our State as the most sought
after place, he said.

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