Jagan issued an ultimatum to Government

YSRCP President Jagan Mohan Reddy issued an ultimatum to the Government based on the Dhavaleswaram accident. He questioned the Government: “Its almost 18 days, where no one is properly responding to the accident took place in Dhavaleswaram, while 22 members lost their lives. Hardly 2 lakh rupees are given which is not fair on their part. He demanded that the Dhavaleswaram accident should be taken as a disaster and 5 lakh should be given for each victim”.

If right action is not taken within 4 days, Jagan declared that he would start protest near the Collectorate office. By this action and demand of Jagan,  Government came down and there was a movement in the proceedings and it is a surprise that within the four days duration given by Jagan, the right compensation is given to the families of victims. If Jagan would not have entered into this, no one would have bothered about the families of victims. Party leaders and officials who came during cremation are no way visible said the only survivor Venkulu, to the leader Jagan. But, due to Jagan visiting the place forced the officials to give compensation.
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