Jagan asks people to vote for credibility

Kurnool, May 5, 2014: Reiterating
that the election is a battle between politics of credibility and honesty on
one side and politics of conspiracy and opportunism on the other, YS Jagan
Mohan Reddy has appealed to the people to reject the forces that have been
doling out impossible and hyperbolic promises and vote for YSRCP fan symbol to
usher in YSR welfare state.

Addressing a large
gathering as part of his YSR Jana Bheri here on Monday, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy
said: “I appeal you to vote for safeguarding the Telugu pride which will take
its due pride at the Centre and dust away those forces that are willingly
scrambling to obey the Delhi dictates.

We will win all the MP
seats and show our might to Delhi and bring enough funds to develop the State
from Centre without being submissive unlike TDP which has surrendered to BJP
for the sake of votes and seats and has again shown its ugly face of
opportunism,” he said.

YSR is remembered by the
people even today as his welfare schemes could reach out to the people and
after his death credibility and honesty became a rare commodity in the state

Chandrababu Naidu, who has
reversed all the TDP poll promises like increasing the price of Rs 2 kg rice,
lifting of prohibition and allowing belt shops to sprout across the state, is
again coming to people with false promises. He has a proven record of
forgetting all the promises after elections.

This time around his
dichotomy has been blatant. The person who made snide remarks on YSR free power
while he was chief minister has started promising free power. The person who
spoke of ill of farmers and never even thought of waiving interest on loans is
now coming up with an impossible promise of waiving agriculture loans.

He is only fooling people
with this rhetoric. The recently held State-level Bankers’ Meeting has pegged
to total agriculture loans in the state at Rs 1.27 lakh cores. Added to this is
the DWACRA loans of over Rs 20,000 crores which aggregate to Rs 1.50 lakh crores.

Chandrababu Naidu has no
magic wand to waive such a huge amount. The state budget itself is less than
the amount he promised to waive. He is only deceiving people by making false
promises. After his announcement has drawn the flak, he has unleashed his henchmen
to use their lung power to advocate that the total agriculture loans are about
Rs 10,000 to Rs 30,000 crores. These estimates to do not match the authentic
figure worked out at the Bankers’ Meet and still Naidu is going ahead with the
loan waiver promise which is not possible to implement.

Another testimony to his
hyperbolic talk is the one job per family scheme. There are 3.5 crore families
in the state and it is impossible to provide employment in that scale. He is
only misguiding and luring people to seek votes.

Naidu’s sudden interest of
employment generation is questionable as he has the history of closing down 65
PSUs and rendering 26,000 employees jobless and he was the person who has
brought in the culture of contract employees in to government, he said.

I cannot bluff like Naidu
as I have to be in public life for over 30 years from now. He can to afford to
tell lies of any intensity as this is the last election for him.

The moment I assume office,
I will sign five files which I have been telling and take up six issues
announced by me which will change the course of the State. I appeal you to
elect the right candidate and vote for YSRCP fan symbol for a bright future and
a welfare state, he said.


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