ITDA Scams Need To Be Probed Properly

Srikakulam (Seetampeta): MLA of Palakonda constituency, Kalavathi complained that the scams in ITDA were not being properly investigated. Vigilance inquiry on scam of fertilisers in parks has weakened. She informed that she had questioned in governing body meeting about Rs.90 lakh of unlawful payment in purchase of Rs.2.2 crore fertilisers. She remarked that complaints given to the Government regarding this also had gone unnoticed. She also mentioned that the material supplied to YTC also was of poor quality and nobody was bothered with it.
Kalavathi complained about irregularities happening in the tenders pertaining to the supply by ITDA of pulses, food grains and other necessary commodities to the schools and guest houses. She added that favouritism was being shown by the officials in the grant of tenders. She mentioned that irregulaties had also happened earlier in housing bills and that crores of rupees had been drawn in the name of girijans but misused for personal purposes. She criticised that the issue had seen improper inquiry. She appealed to the collector to look into the ITDA issues and see that proper inquiry was done on the scams.

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