It is odd to see Chandrababu praising NTR now

Senior YSRCP leader and party spokesman, Ambati Rambabu described Telugu Desam Party's Mahanadu as an event where not a single leader spoke the truth.  Speaking to the media, he criticised the TDP leaders for indulging in false propaganda at the Mahanadu.
Chandrababu Naidu had stabbed his father-in-law and the party founder, NTR in the back, he recalled. Ambati added that it was odd to see Chandrababu praising NTR now. A casual look at NTR's interview on Youtube would reveal Chandrababu Naidu's true colours, he added. While the TDP chief had bragged about holding Mahanadus all over the world, in Dallas city in the US, people came out sporting black shirts in protest against Mahanadu and Chandrababu, he pointed out.
Interestingly, Chandrababu Naidu had claimed at the 2017 Mahanadu, that the Special Package announced by the Centre was an excellent one. In fact, a resolution was passed to this effect then, he reminded the media persons. Chandrababu had at that time, asserted that the state did not need Special Category Status (SCS). Ambati Rambabu derided Chandrababu's posturing now and his attempts to project himself as a  champion of SCS to AP. His attempts were exercises in deception, the YSRCP spokesman said.
Ambati Rambabu described JC Diwakar Reddy as a leader without credibility who is indulging in politics of flattery today and will begin criticising Chandrababu after the elections, he said. He also ridiculed Chandrababu for asking people to give him 25 Lok Sabha seats for him to secure SCS for the state. The YSRCP leader remarked that TDP might get 25 assembly seats in the next round of elections.
Ambati Rambabu criticised Chandrababu Naidu for claiming that the TDP government had fulfilled 98% of its promises and for blaming PM Modi and the opposition for his inability to fulfill the remaining 2%, he said. He said that if the Congress party had bifurcated the state in an unjust manner, both TDP and BJP had ruined the state completely.
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