It is GOVT. Failure

ghat episode is totally failure of AP Government, stated by YSRCP. “Our Party
President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has expressed his grief over the deaths at the
Pushkar ghat and pointed out serious concern over the lack of proper
arrangements. We feel that the incident has occurred due to gross mismanagement
and lack of concern for devotees as the works were not completed though funds
were allocated well in advance,” party PAC member and official spokesperson
Ambati Rambabu told reporters on Tuesday.

Rs 1,650 crores allocated for the Pushkar works were misappropriated and the
Chief Minister himself has said that some of the works that were not completed
will be completed after the event. The statement of the Chief Minister is
ridiculous and the funds allocated are more than that of Pattiseema project and
there is no accountability.

point of concern is why the Endowments Minister, who belongs to BJP, has been
sidelined in the Pushkar works. “Our intention is not to politicize the issue
at this hour of tragedy and we share the grief of the families that lost a
member in the stampede but we cannot refrain from stating that the stampede is
only due to human error and inefficiency of the government. The officials are
knotted around the VVIPs and the ordinary devotees are left in the lurch and
the arrangements made hardly match with the magnitude of publicity given to the
event,” he said.

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