It began with this destruction

Guntur: For laying the foundation for the Capital, the TDP Babu government is doing lot of hungama. To get the appreciation of the heads of fellow states, Central level ministers it is doing lot of actions. With this the hearts of the local people is getting disturbed as if trains are moving in their hearts.

Considering the Uddhanda Rayuni Palem of Guntur as the stage, foundation program will be taken forward. For that, arrangements are done at jet speed. To reach the stage, three road ways are expanded. To do so, hundreds of acres of crop is destroyed. Widely large banana plantations and fruit plantations are destroyed for constructing.

Without even informing the formers the demolishing of plantations is happening. If any farmer questions, there is no response. On the top of that, they are saying that it is not their problem as they informed the farmers prior not to plant any and cultivate. Because of this, there is a problem found now. With this farmers are screaming in pain. Farmers are already afraid because of seeing police in and out in every part of the village while implementing the 144 and 30 sections. Overall, destroying is started before laying the foundation itself.

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