Isn’t Your Protest One More Act Of Deception, Chandrababu?

West Godavari District:
 As I walked from Palakollu to Achanta, hordes of
people met me, narrating a host of problems. They did not suffer to this extent
under any government they said. They were furious that Chandrababu Naidu did nothing
for them, except give them grief and tears. Lecturers of polytechnic colleges
who met me in the morning, said—“Sir, Chandrababu has been playing with our
lives on the one hand. For him to stage a protest for the development of the
state now, is a cruel joke on us. After having made hundreds of promises not
one of which has been fulfilled, is he not deceiving the people of the state

demonstrating any sincerity for the development of the state what purpose does
it serve to indulge in such theatrics, they asked. If he has any amount of
sincerity, why did he not fight for Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh
all along. This was their simple question.

YSR Congress party leaders and cadre staged a Deception Day protest today over
Chandrababu Naidu’s series of betrayals, for having buried the demand for SCS
to the state for four long years. They protested against his fresh round of
cheating and betrayals. On my padayatra today, people in large numbers,
expressed their solidarity with those observing Deception Day and many of them
sported black badges and wore black shirts. I am grateful to every single
individual who stood by our party expressing his or her solidarity on this

it was SCs yesterday, it was BCs today, who narrated to me the manner in which
they were cheated by Chandrababu Naidu. I could see the anger in the
representatives of BC communities who met me today. They told me that the the
government was closing down hostels claiming that the number of BC students was
on the decline and were furious with the TDP establishment for making up such
lame excuses.

was moved by the pathetic condition of these BC students who have no hostels
and were left to fend for themselves. “Anna, there are no facilities worth the
name in hostels. The mess charges in prisons would be better. They are given
Rs.125 per day, while school students get Rs.25 per day and college students,
Rs. 35! Even this is not on account of anything which Chandrababu had done for
us. The credit for this goes to your father, the late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy,
who increased our mess charges from Rs.16 to Rs. 35 in 2006.” To think that the
same charges will be continued for 12 years was unimaginable! “Anna, look at
the injustice Chandrababu has wrought. He does not increase mess charges, does
not release scholarships and shuts down our hostels. Fee reimbursement has been
watered down completely. Of the 37,000 loan applicants through the BC
Corporation in this district, only 1900 were sanctioned three years ago. Even these
were not given funds! Isn’t this rank injustice?“ They felt cheated that they
were used as mere vote banks by Chandrababu Naidu and later discarded.

Naidu feels that BCs are not competent enough to be judges. He has said so in
his letters and this alone reflects how much he cares for us, said these young
men from BC communities. They felt reassured by my promise that if my father
extended a helping hand to BC communities in a big way, I would walk the extra
mile for them.

have a question for the chief minister — you claim that you are protesting for
the development of the state and rededicating yourself to this cause. People
say that you are the sole obstacle to its growth and progress. Did you not
write a letter seeking the bifurcation of undivided Andhra Pradesh? Didn’t you
cast the first vote to divide the state? Didn’t you claim in Telangana that it
was on the basis of your letter that the state was divided and in Andhra that
injustice was done to the state through division? Isn’t this a clear example of
your forked tongue? Because you were caught in the notes-for-votes case, did
you not find yourself in a helpless position when it came to asking for the
rightful dues for Andhra Pradesh? Did you not pledge Special Category Status to
the state in lieu of your own selfish interests? Is it not clear deception now
on your part to resort to protest in the name of development of the state after
having looted it and sucked its lifeblood to its marrow?

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