Isn’t Your Negligence Responsible For Dachepalli Incident?

Buddhalapalem, Krishna district: Unemployed graduates of physical education met me this morning on my padayatra and complained about the apathy of the state government towards them. They pointed out that Andhra Pradesh had adopted a TET test which was unique in nature, as compared to all the other states in the country. It had introduced components of subjects other than physical education. They added that this was causing them a lot of difficulty and handed me a petition saying that the state government was neglecting physical education as a discipline.

"Sir, only your father, the late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy recognised the importance of physical education and at one stroke he filled up 2700 posts."
In 2001, when the skill test was conducted during Chandrababu Naidu's reign, it was replete with irregularities, corruption and violations. Once again, it is during his regime that a skill test is being conducted leading to widespread fear, they said. The commercialisation of education to an extent where private mafias control the system with the government quietly in collusion with them, spells doom for education. The government has little concern for the health or pyschological evolution of students. It is said that a healthy body is at the root of good thoughts and a capable mind. Contrary to this belief, the TDP regime is commercialising education at the cost of physical fitness and ignoring the component of health.

There was a lot of concern about lands related to Machilipatnam port. Gajula Nagaraju of the Chilakalapudi Co-operative Association narrated at great length how people were badly affected on account of the acquisition of land made in the name of Machilipatnam port. "Sir, during your father's tenure, farmers in villages were millionaires and in contrast today they have been reduced to paupers. This is the bare truth. The day your father launched the Machilipatnam port, the cost of an acre rose to over 25 and even 50 lakhs from One lakh rupees! We worship him as God. However, in Chandrababu Naidu's rule, the minute a notification was issued with regard to 33,000 acres of land for the port, the rates plummeted sharply to 10-15 lakh rupees an acre! Sadly, there are no takers at even that price. Registrations have been halted. We can't pledge our land and seek loans from banks either because lending institutions refuse to oblige us. Strangely enough, two public representatives who are close followers of Chandrababu Naidu are very eager to buy our lands at 10-12 lakh rupees an acre."

He said that it appeared as if they were confident of getting all the necessary clearances. He was deeply disturbed as he narrated how this land which was the prized posession of farmers here was being turned into a wasteland by the government! He observed that the TDP bigwigs had turned land here also into a major real estate business. As long as the rates of land were high in this region, people felt insured and insulated from problems, whereas now they felt vulnerable, he pointed out.

People of the region were deeply troubled by the brazenness with which ruling party leaders and followers were going about landgrabbing and real estate business, he said.

The horrific incident which took place in Dachepalli of Guntur district in which a 9-year-old innocent child fell victim to a monster shook the conscience of our society and troubled me deeply. For the past few months, such incidents have been on the rise. The society has to bow down in shame after this! A majority of culprits would be from the TDP. What's worse is that the culprits are never brought to book, leading to a rise in such crimes.
I have a question for the chief minister—Isn't your indifference and backing of the guilty responsible for the rise in attacks on women and children? Had you taken serious action against crimes against humanity, such incidents wouldn't recur. And we wouldn't witness a case like Dachepalli today.
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