Injustice To Students Shall Not Be Tolerated

Hyderabad: TYSRCP held a protest at Indira Park in Hyderabad, against the TRS Government for its negligence in implementing Fees Reimbursement scheme. Speaking on this occasion, TYSRCP president, Gattu Srikanth Reddy, slammed the Government of Telangana for watering down the scheme initiated by former CM, Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy with a good intentiono f enabling poor students to have education.
The programme, conducted in the name of 'Fees Poru', began with decorating the portrait of Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy with flower garlands and paying homage to him.
Gattu Srikanth Reddy spoke to acclaim the scheme as one of its kind and mentioned how it had benefited the lives of many poor students. Slamming the Government for slaughtering it, he informed that Rs.3,068 crore were to be paid by the 1st of April last year and that CM KCR had promised to do it.
Mentioning that 16 lakh students had applied for reimbursement earlier, but in 2016-17 the number fell to 12.97 lakh last year, he demanded to know the reason for it.
He opined that the students of Telangana had played a crucial role in achieving Telangana state and the Government should pay them back by reimbursing their fees dutifully. He revealed that there had been 60% fall in admissions due to the inefficient implementation of reimbursement of fees, mess charges and aids. He also added that the students were committing suicide due to the insult being faced from the college managements.
Reassuring that TYSRCP would fight to save the future of lakhs of students, he declared that Fees Poru movement would not stop until justice was done to students. With thousands of students and their parents participating, Indira park was filled.

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