Injustice To BCs Under TDP Rule

Srikakulam: YSRCP's BC cell president, Dharmana Krishna Das, exclaimed that people of BC community were facing injustice under TDP rule. YSRCP leaders assembled at Srikakulam on Saturday to discuss BC community's problems. They slammed TDP's ways towards the community.

Speaking on this occasion, Krishna Das mentioned that Chandrababu had come to power with BCs' votes, but had ignored them completely later and gave importance to leaders of upper castes in the cabinet.
Slamming the Government for snatching the lands of the poor and downtrodden castes in the name of development, he remarked that it was doing nothing for the welfare of the castes like Yadav, Kummari and Kammari. He questioned if the lands of TDP ministers like Ganta Srinivasa Rao and Ayyanapatrudu were not suited for Bhogapuram port's development. He indicated that YSRCP president, YS Jagan, would treat all classes of people equally, upon coming to power.

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