Infant Passes Away Due To Government's Negligence

Vijayawada: Due to the dormant administration by TDP government in AP, the Government hospitals have become places of danger. The life of an infant fell in risk due to sheer negligence of the Government. Before anyone could forget the incident that happened in the Government hospital of Guntur where an infact succumbed to rat bites, another event took place in Vijayawada.

A 4-day newborn died at Vijayawada's Government hospital, bitten by ants. The Government failed to learn lessons from the previous incidents. It is unresponsive in spite of rats, snakes and ants roaming among the patients.
A woman named Lakshmi had cesarean surgery done at the GH of Vijayawada 4 days before. Everybody from Lakshmi's family was happy with the birth of a healthy baby boy. But on Monday morning the boy was found bleeding on the chest and the back. He had already died due to ant bites. The doctors tried to escape from being held responsible though the ant bites were clearly visible. YSRCP's official spokesperson Parthasarathy reached the hospital along with the party's leader Nivas Reddy and demanded explanation from the doctors.
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