An Incompetent Chief Minister, He Is

  • Babu has mortgaged the self-respect of people of AP
  • Delimitation at the cost of special status?
  • Sujana Chowdary can't raise that topic again
  • They should resign if they are so incapable

Vijayawada: While 5 crore people of AP were eagerly waiting for the sanction of special category status, cabinet minister Sujana Chowdary was after reorganisation of constituencies, complained YSRCP's official spokesman Jogi Ramesh. He criticised Chandrababu for boasting about his purity and abilities in spite of his incapability to get the special category status granted. He commented that Chandrababu had gotten ready to sell the self-respect of the people of the state.

Ramesh exclaimed that the TDP leaders and Chandrababu had been pretending in the matter of the special status since a few days. He condemned Babu for mentioning to the leaders at the centre that he did not need special status or special package or railway zone, but only wanted delimitation. He blamed Babu for watering down the hopes of 5 crore people for the jobs, the investments and the industries that special status would bring with it.
Jogi Ramesh questioned if AP was in such a poor situation that it had to consult with CMs of the other states about special status. He also criticised Sujana Chowdary and Venkaiah Naidu for playing the second fiddle for Chandrababu. He reminded how Venkaiah Naidu had suggested for the grant of special status for 10 years and not just 5 years during discussion in the parliament at the time of bifurcation and questioned what had happened to that now. He also criticised Chandrababu for ignoring his words about the status being granted for 15 years and mortgaging the hopes of 5 crore people.
Ramesh suggested that Chandrababu stopped boasting sitting in Vijayawada. He said that TDP might want delimitation but the people of AP did not. He questioned if the parliament or the PM's words had no honour. He demanded the TDP leaders to resign if they were incompetent, remarking that their occupying positions was a waste if they lacked credibility.
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