Importance Of Gram Sabhas

Podalakur: YSRCP's president of Nellore district and MLA of Sarvepalli constituency, Kakani Govardhan Reddy stated that the Gram Sabhas should be organised irrespective of Janmabhoomi committees and deserving benefactors had to been selected for  welfare schemes. He mentioned that the selection of benefactors had to be done only through Gram Sabhas according to new rules, failing to follow which, the officials had to face trouble.
In light of news about corruption taking place in the implementation of Neeru-Chettu scheme, employment guarantee scheme and others, Kakani informed that a complaint would soon be filed with vigilance. He held a review meeting with mandal officers at the local mandal parishad office on Saturday. On this occasion, he stated that complaints were being received about corruption involved in preparing estimations for Neeru-Chettu scheme. He cautioned the Government against resorting to corruption under the mask of development.

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