The Ill-Fate Brought By Chandrababu Should Be Cleared

  • YSRCP's novel protest in the capital region
  • Streets of the capital city cleansed with cow products and excreta
  • Slogans against Chandrababu
  • No hindrance to TDP leaders' rally that lacks permission
  • YSRCP leaders, farmers and labourers slam the police's behaviour
Amaravathi: YSRCP leaders held a novel protest in the capital area against AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. Cleansing the streets roamed by Chandrababu with cow's holy milk, curd, ghee and excreta, they expressed their protest in a new way. A huge number of leaders, labourers and farmers participated in this programme. Before this, they held a dharna in front of the secretariat. Removal of YSRCP's flexes by TDP activists caused tension to build up.

Speaking on this occasion, YSRCP leaders criticised that the state had met with bad luck when Chandrababu had become its CM and that the cleansing was supposed to make the capital devoid of the ill-fate. They mentioned how the farmers were having to migrate to other areas, as their lands that yielded three crops a year had been snatched. Taking pity on the situation of farmers and agricultural labourers of the capital area, they complained that the TDP leaders of the capital area had turned into benamis.

The leaders also commented that the cases filed against YSRCP activists and the arrests made were a result of the jealousy of the TDP leaders towards the affection garnered from the people by the leader of opposition and YSRCP's president, YS Jagan's tour in the capital area. They cautioned that they would keep fighting until justice was done to the farmers.

The police hindered the cleansing programme, resulting in argument between them and the YSRCP leaders, who questioned why the rallies conducted by TDP leaders without permission had never been obstructed like theirs. 
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