If the poor get anger ..!

Guntur: YSRCP leader Lella Appi Reddy fired on the anti-people government regime. He commented on the inefficient administration of Naidu’s regime. He passed critical comments on the failure of government on all fronts.  He said it is a desperate situation and wretched conditions faced by the common man not even to have proper food for his stomach. Naidu left his promise about stabilization fund of Rs. 1000 crores and ensured the people before elections but it is left to air. Appi Reddy expressed his anger on Chandrababu for making the poor man’s life horrible having deals with the private organizations.  

 Daily wage after working the whole day is Rs. 200 for a common man. How can he survive with that?  To evoke the sleeping government, YSRCP is conducting protests and programs all over the State under the guidance of YS Jagan, specified Appi Reddy. He said this issue is a matter of public interest of five and a half million people of the State. He demanded that government should cut prices even before the heart of the poor man burns and tend to get anger on the government. Otherwise, you have to burn in it, said Appi Reddy. The YSRCP workers and other leaders protested at the MRO office on a large scale under the guidance of Appi Reddy.

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