If the Deeksha is obstructed will continue on the road

Guntur: The leader of Opposition, Y S Jagan planned for an indefinite hunger strike in the ULFA ground in Guntur on March 26th of this month. However, the government is planning conspiracies to manipulate and prevent the initiative. When all the preparations have come to an end, the process was objected by Police, which was protested by the YSRCP leaders. The party leaders and volunteers are coming to the venue on a large-scale by now. Heavily armed police are surrounding the place. The YSRCP leaders warned the government, that if any case they create any disturbances, then the government need to face severe consequences.

Talisala Raghuram

YSRCP leader Talisala Raghuram warned that, if the government tries to prevent the preparations made for the Deeksha, YS Jagan would start his hunger strike in the mid of the road. He stated that, they already met the district SP on 20th of this month and already informed about the peoples leaders initiative towards Special status in the form of hunger strike. After so many days, why are you stating it as traffic problem? Questioned Raghuram.

If the government tries to create obstacles, they would continue the strike by even blocking the city, warned Raghuram.

Ambati Rambabu:

How many ever trails and conspiracies are planned to stop the Strike, it does not stop said the YSRCP spokesman Ambati. If in any ways they try to stop it, Strike will continue before the district Collector ate office, mentioned Ambati. He said that it is foolishness to think of stopping the rays of Sun by a hand. Strike can no way be stopped by police oppression said Ambati.

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