If Chandrababu has any morality, he should resign

It is a shame to democracy
Hiding in the Assembly
Naidu is misleading the House ..!
You wished to do whatever you want as you have the power ..!

Hyderabad: Chandrababu Naidu is caught red handed in Cash for vote scam. Naidu planned well and escaped in order to avoid himself noted in the corruption. Chandrababu Naidu stopped coming to Assembly in a fear where he will be exposed before people by the opposition party in the House of Assembly. If Babu has morality, he has to resign immediately, demanded by YS jagan. He spoke on the Press Meet at the end of the Assembly session. He stated ..!

We have rightly demanded for the debate for cash for vote scam. Provided adjournment motion, and also provided notice under clause 344. It is for the first time, a Chief Minister was caught red-handed in bribe. TDP MLA was caught while bribing money. With such evidences existing, still the fled without permission from the assembly with a fear. As power is with the speaker and ruling party, is this the way you behave in the Assembly questioned Jagan. Coming to the Assembly and sitting in his room, Chandrababu Naidu  is only trying to prevent from getting into the meetings. His intention is just to run away from his responsibility. If at all he has any moral responsibility he has to resign.

Messed up with bribes !
Money earned through corruption in Andhra Pradesh is spread in Telangana for bribing. It's a scam of 100-150 crores. There is corruption all over. Corruption in sand,  corruption in coal, corruption in Pattiseema, Corruption providing intensives to Industrialists. . this kind of corruption is only done by keeping a shield of the rule is noted by everyone. Citing the Chief Ministers name 22 times in a charge sheet makes other to understand easily. No need to think otherwise... the forensic labs clearly proved that the voice belongs to Chandrababu Naidu. He could not dare to reveal that the voice recorded doesn't belong to him and he is hiding by not coming to the Assembly.

Our attitude is clear
YSRCP is clear revealing the attitude to support public in resolving the public issues. We are opposing the Pattissema project. As it is not capable, there was a scam while calling for tenders, contractors were used well, so we are opposing it, said YSRCP members. However, the Polavaram project is well taken, we support it. The water can be stored and used throughout the year when the flood water is stored in it. It will act as Sanjeevani for all problems. They mention that there is no love towards Rayalaseema, but the GO released on Pattiseema, will nowhere show about Rayalaseema.

Problems are as is ..!
It is almost 15 months by now Naidu came to power. Projected that job's will be offered. Not even a single job is given, but employees are removed from their jobs. There is no recruitment of at least a peon job till now. There is no salary revision for Angan wadi employees. No increase in the age limit for unemployed. A job for a house or unemployment allowance has been announced. Not even bothered about all these. Based on these unresolved issues, thought the meetings are requested for 15 days, for proper discussion in depth, still there is no approval for it. At the end Chandrababu Naidu is ready to corrupt even the Assembly. 
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