I Shall Fight For The People

Khammam: YSRCP’s
president of Telangana state and MP of Khammam constituency Ponguleti Srinivasa Reddy stated that he would fight for the alleviation of unsolved problems of
the people and would resolve the problems faced in villages. When he attended
the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of CC roads in the villages of
Vallabhi, Mallaram and Kamalapuram in Mudikonda mandal of Khammam district, people
of those areas affectionately welcomed him.

Speaking on the
occasion, Ponguleti commented that the 41% of the 14th finance funds
announced by the Government to have been sanctioned were actually not sufficient
for the common people. He criticized that the people of Telangana who had
waited to enjoy development after the formation of a separate state were
finally disappointed.

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