I Know Exactly What They Are Going Through

  • The
    pain of the families is inexplicable
  • Defense
    ministry’s way of functioning is saddening
  • It
    is unfair to react only when incidents happen
  • The
    Government has to wake up at least now
  • Steps
    shuld be taken to avoid them
  • YS
    Jagan comforts families of people aboard the missing aircraft

Visakhapatnam: In the incident where IAF aircraft AN-32 had
gone missing, the families of the personnel who were aboard are in complete
trauma, mentioned the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan. He
explained that he had personally experienced the same kind of agony as these

He expressed concern
towards the indifference of the Government in spite of accidents taking place
every year. He comforted the families of the personnel from Visakhapatnam and
spoke to the media on the occasion.

Here is what YS Jagan

  • I am the person who
    can exactly understand the feelings of these families.
  • On that day too, my
    father’s helicopter went missing after 15 minutes of its take off.
  • We spent 2-3 days in a
    confused state. Uncertain of his well-being, we were hoping to hear at any time
    that he had safely landed somewhere or was found by someone.
  • I very well know the
    agony of waiting and uncertainty.
  • These families now are
    in the same situation. They are unaware of what actually happened.
  • It is very saddening
    to see how the defense ministry is running air crafts.
  • It was very sad to
    hear them say the accidents keep happening every year and the personnel are
    dying all the time.
  • It is unjust to send
    people in the aircrafts that have undergone repair thrice already.
  • The Government has to
    wake up at least now. It should take responsibility for the whole incident. It
    has to take action in order to avoid such incidents in future.
  • I asked MP YV
    Subbareddy and MP Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy to speak about this in the
  • In our country, they will react right then in case of planes or trains.
    Again the situation becomes normal.
  • We should be mobilized
    in order to change the system. We should learn to question. On behalf of YSRCP,
    our MPs shall question about this.
  • I have personally experienced
    the same kind of agony as these families.
  • Avoidance of such
    incidents is important to reform the system.
  • If aircrafts in poor
    condition are used to transport in the field of defense, the value being given
    to human life is well understood.
  • We should unite to
    question how the systems are being run.
  • It is so unkind of CM
    Chandrababu Naidu to console just one family and call it quits.



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