I Introduced the Mobile Phone

Hyderabad: Leader of opposition YS Jagan exclaimed that CM
Chandrababu Naidu’s bragging was exceeding limits. He ridiculed that Babu said
he discovered IT and he brought the mobile phone. During the discussion on
budget in the assembly, he stated that IT expenditure during Chandrababu’s
tenure was Rs.3,533 crore while it was Rs.13,250 crore during Dr.YS Rajasekhar
Reddy’s tenure. During Babu’s rule, IT exports’ turnover was Rs.5,025 crore and
during YSR’s rule it was Rs.33,482 crore. He stated that IT development was
evident from this. The number of IT employees in Babu’s reign was 85,000 and
during YSR’s reign it was 2,00,000. YS Jagan then started to talk about
minority accounts when ministers hindered him.

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