I humbly bow down to you for your undying support

Tadepalligudem: The YSR Congress party chief and AP Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Mohan Reddy concluded day 167 of his padayatra in Tadepalligudem this evening. Before calling it a day, YS Jagan addressed a huge public meeting. Flanked by his supporters at the Tadepalligudem market place and amid slogan of 'Jai Jagan', the people's leader addressed a massive gathering who had been cheering him all along. Asking them not to get carried away by the fake promises of the TDP, YS Jagan said that people should follow their conscience when voting to ensure better days are back in Andhra Pradesh. Here are highlights from YS Jagan Mohan Reddy's public address at Tadepalligudem on Day 167 Of Praja Sankalpa Yatra.

Chandrababu Naidu will promise a kg gold and a Benz car in exchange for a vote. Would you believe him? He would also send Rs 3000 through his cronies. My advice to you is to say 'No' to that and demand 5000 as that money belongs to us. The money looted from us. Take money from him but when you vote, follow your heart. Only then can set right the present political system. My request to you is to vote for a party that will ensure better lifestyle.

God willing, if the people's party comes to power, we will ensure that your needs are taken care of. During the course of my padayatra, I come across scores of patients everyday ruing about deprivation of Arogyasri benefits. Can you believe it? My father late Dr YS Rajasekhara Reddy's flagship scheme Arogya Sri has been watered down so much that people have been denied medical treatment because of that? Under the present TDP regime, the healthcare scheme which was meant to take care of the medical needs of the citizens of the state has been diluted. The entire purpose of this scheme is defeated.

My father often said that people are often driven to debts due to two reasons—One, to get their kids educated and two, to get their wards treated for various diseases.

During my father's regime, an ambulance would arrive at a poor man's house in flat 20 minutes and after being taken to the hospital, Arogyasri would ensure free treatment and safe return of patients to their homes.

But right now the Ambulance service too lies in utter neglect. One, you can't be sure the vehicle reached you on time. Two, most of the vehicles are in a state of repair that it could break down midway any time! And to make matters worse, the ambulance staff have not been paid their salaries for months.

Under the present Arogyasri scheme, you can't get yourself treated at hospitals outside the state which was not the case during my father's regime. If a deadly disease strikes a poor man's family, he may have to go to Hyderabad for treatment. But you go there only to be told by the doctors that you are not eligible for treatment as you belong to a different state and Arogyasri doesn't apply there! If you have to get dialysis done on a daily basis, it may not be possible as all the rules of Arogyasri have been bent because of which the poor are being denied its benefits.

Like my father worked for the welfare of the poor, I promise to ensure Arogyasri is restored to its former glory. You can get yourself treated for any diseases in any region—Be it Hyderabad or Bangalore. I also assure you that if you are advised bed rest by the doctor post surgery, then my government will see to it that your economic needs are taken of during that period to prevent a situation where a sick person is forced to work in an ailing state.

I just told you about one of the Navarathnalu in my party manifesto prepared keeping in mind the inconsistencies of the present government. I invite you to offer suggestions to bring back golden days and keep the present corrupt political system in check. I seek your blessings and support to stand by me as you would your own son. I humbly bow down to you for your undying support

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