I Believe in People and in God: YS Jagan

  • Chandrababu’s
    intention is to repress the voice of the people
  • Opposition
    MLAs are hence being snatched with corrupt money
  • People
    and God will soon teach him a lesson
  • YS
    Jagan’s emotional speech at Nellore

Nellore: Leader of
opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan remarked that he had believed never in
leaders but always in people and in God. He confided that he would fight more
strongly against Chandrababu with the kind blessings of the people. YS Jagan
spoke on the occasion of joining of senior leader Anam Vijaykumar Reddy along
with his followers in YSRCP at Kasturi Devi Gardens in Nellore.

YS Jagan stated that the
joining of Anam Vijaykumar Reddy of Nellore rural constituency in YSRCP was a
lesson to the eight MLAs who had migrated to TDP, having been lured by money.
He supposed that opposition was the voice of people, the voice of the people
suffering under the rule of Chandrababu. That was why Chandrababu’s Government
was keen to oppress this voice, stated YS Jagan. Snatching the MLAs who had won
from other parties with corrupt money was part of this attempt, he mentioned.
He wished that Chandrababu and the defected MLAs repented at least now.

is crucial in politics

Jagan stated that people would be watching when one was in politics that was
why one should act like a role model. He mentioned that a politician should
possess two qualities – character and credibility. He specified the significance
of the qualities by saying that not only people but also one’s own wife would stop
following one if these qualities were lost. He criticized Chandrababu’s
character by saying that he had backstabbed his own father-in-law NTR for power
and authority. YS Jagan also disapproved of Chandrababu’s credibility and
stated that his credibility was clear from the false promises he had made to
the people prior to elections and deceiving them by not realizing them later.
When it was clear that Chandrababu himself lacked character and credibility, it
was waste of time to talk about the qualities of the MLAs who had been lured by
him into his party, YS Jagan opined.

place for fear

Jagan reminded his situation prior to elections. He had resigned to the
Congress Party that was in power and came into people. Then there were 175
vacant seats and no leaders to be seen. Still there was no fear, he mentioned.
He stated that he was neither scared of Sonia Gandhi who had been in power nor
scared of Chandrababu who, in collaboration with Sonia Gandhi, had got him
booked in legal cases. YS Jagan added that he was fearless as he believed in
God and people. He happily announced that his party had had 2 members at that
beginning, but later grew to have 67 MLAs and 9 MPs. He credited this
accomplishment to the blessings of God and of people.

deceptive talk

 Actually Chandrababu
had to concentrate on realizing his promises at this point, but he rather
chose to attempt to weaken the voice of opposition by buying its MLAs with
corrupt money, blamed YS Jagan. He mentioned that Chandrababu had made false promises
to dwakra women, farmers, unemployed youth and people of various castes before
elections and had ignored the people once he had achieved power. As the opposition
would project light on this atrocity on behalf of people, Chandrababu had
decided to silence the opposition by trying to weaken it by buying its MLAs
with the money earned through corruption. YS Jagan cautioned that Chandrababu’s
system would soon see a downfall just like huge kingdoms collapsed in history
upon meeting people’s fury, citing the example of Hitler’s dictatorial rule. He
added that God and people were watching Chandrababu and would soon teach him a
lesson and he would not be able to even earn deposits.

the blessings of people

Jagan thanked everybody in the meeting for patiently waiting from 9 am under
hot sun. He confided that he would be able to gather more strength with their
blessings to fight against Chandrababu. He affectionately invited Anam
Vijaykumar into YSRCP family.

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