Hurdles Posed by Ruling Party Leaders to Opposition Leader's Speech

Hyderabad: Speech of the leader of opposition of AP, YS Jagan, in the legislative assembly happened with a lot of hurdles posed by the memers of the ruling party. Many obstacles from the ministers hindered YS Jagan's speech. While he was uncovering the failure of the Government along with proofs and official numbers, TDP members repeatedly interrupted him. As the speaker granted them access to microphone whenever they had asked for it, they could successfully get down to personal accusations. They verbally abused YS Jagan in particular.

YS Jagan expressed his displeasure towards this. He remarked that it was unkind of the TDP leaders to interrupt him once in every 5 minutes and suggested that they could talk after he was done. YS Jagan questioned how the ruling party MLAs could share the 2 hours allotted to him. He condemned the turning off of microphone while he was still speaking.

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