A Hundred Chadrababus Will Not Equal YSR

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Visweswar Reddy
criticized that the Government was behaving in an undemocratic fashion. He
commented that it was burying democracy by cancelling rules. He slammed the
Government for showing favouritism towards the ruling party MLAs and the MLAs
who had defected the opposition party to join the ruling party during the no
confidence motion that was brought about against the Government and the speaker
of the assembly and during voting against the appropriation bill and for
defying law and justice.

Visweswar Reddy complained that
Chandrababu, being in the responsible position of the CM of the state, was
resorting to lies and unethical behaviour. He wondered how the Government could
boast about finishing a spendthrift Pattiseema scheme. He remarked that
Pattiseema had been taken up only to benefit the contractor. He commented that
Chandrababu was bragging to have saved River Krishna just by giving 2 TMC of

Reddy stated that Chandrababu was boldly lying. Just as a hundred Punganurus
could not make one Bengaluru, a hundred Chandrababus could not equal a YS
Rajasekhar Reddy, he declared. He commented that industries could not be set up
in backward areas unless special status was given. He criticized that backward
areas had been neglected by Babu and that he had wound up the assembly, not
being able to answer the questions put to him.


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