Huge New Joining In YSRCP

  • Former MLA Vellampally and followers join YSRCP
  • YS Jagan welcomes Vellampally into the party
  • New joining signifies the atrocious rule of Babu
  • People are ready to drown TDP in the Bay of Bengal
  • YS Jagan speaks at the party's central office
Hyderabad: Former MLA Vellampally Srinivas and certain followers joined YSRCP at the party's central office in Hyderabad today, in the presence of the party's president, YS Jagan. He welcomed them into the party by decorating them with the party's scarves at its central office in Lotus Pond at Hyderabad. Speaking on this occasion, YS Jagan expressed delight about the new joining and suggested that it would consolidate the party in Vijayawada area.

Mentioning that the people of AP were ready to drown TDP in the Bay of Bengal, YS Jagan remarked that the magnitude of the new joining signified the injustice going on under Babu's governance. Confiding that the consolidation would further go on beginning with Vellampally's joining, he stated that he would be cared for like a member of YSR family.

On this occasion, YS Jagan slammed Chandrababu's fake campaign promises and cautioned that the frustrated people would soon drown TDP in the Bay of Bengal and stated that all those who came forward for that cause would be gladly invited into the party.

Participating in this event were Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, Kolusu Parthasarathy and Vangaveeti Radha. Vellampally served as the MLA of Vijayawada West constituency in the past.

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