How can we trust leaders?

  • YS Jagan discusses
    face-to-face with students
  • Proclamation about the
    importance of SCS
  • Youth roar in support
    of SCS
  • Slogans calling YS
    Jagan the next CM of the state
  • Youth trust that AP’s
    development is possible through YS Jagan

Kurnool: YS Jagan presided the Yuvabheri
programme conducted at Kurnool in order to raise awareness among the youth
regarding the importance of special category status and the deceptive nature of
the state and the central Governments regarding the issue. The programme was a
success with a huge number of youngsters taking part.

YS Jagan held
face-to-face discussion with some of them and answered all their questions.The
students and the youth owed to be part of the struggle for the great cause.

Students’ Face-To-Face
Discussion With YS Jagan

A dog is probably more
faithful than Babu: Sudha Rani, MBA student

Babu is saying that
students are being destroyed as they are fighting for the special category
status. Their MLAs can assault MROs. The sons of their ministers can abuse
women on roads, citing lame excuses. An intoxicated Lokesh enjoys with foreign
women abroad. But we cannot fight for a good cause. A dog would in fact have
better faithfulness than Chandrababu. After winning with our votes, he is
backstabbing us.

YS Jagan: Chandrababu has gone mentally unstable. After entering
into compromise in the matter of Cash for Vote case, he declared that cases
would be filed as per PD act against the youth who would fight for the status.
How can that be explained? He has to bend his head with shame. Let us hope at
least your words will transform him.


What should be done
about the deceptive Government? : Nagendra, Rayalaseema University

Former CM YS
Rajasekhar Reddy transformed PG centre in Rayalaseema into a university in
2008. When representatives of the university asked for Rs.50 crore fund, he
formed a committee and announced sanction of Rs.150 crore. The current
Government removed provision of ambulances to the universities, that were
initially provided by YSR. When asked about it, the Government said that even
the hospitals did not have the provision. What should be done to such a
deceptive Government?

YS Jagan: It was the dream of our favourite leader
Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy to have a university for every district. Kadapa
University and medical college are thanks to YSR. He should be credited for
bringing 11 new universities to the state. TDP Government is least concerned
about such things. The funds being sanctioned by the centre are hardly enough
to build the medical college. Still Chandrababu is not brave enough to ask the
Government. Moreover, he is praising it as a great ‘package’. If Babu had been
there at the time of freedom struggle, he would have proclaimed that British
rule would yield a lot of packages, so it was good for India.


How can we trust
leaders? : Vicky, CA student

There is no value to
the word given by PM Manmohan Singh at the time of the state’s bifurcation. How
can we even trust other leaders?

YS Jagan: Whom can people trust if the promise made by
none other than the PM of India has no value? The system should drastically
change. The change should start at least by seeing the questions being posed by
the youth. The politicians should have the fear of confrontation by the people
if the promises made to them are not realised. The package announced by the
Government also has not been released. Chandrababu entered into compromise with
the central Government after being assured about masking of his Cash for Vote
case. Let us hope at least your words will bring about a transformation in


Pullaiah presided
Yuvabheri programme while heads of various educational institutions, KV
Subbareddy, lawyer Sankaraiah, retired Tehsildar Roshan Ali, Kurnoll MP Butta
Renuka, MLAs Buggana Rajendranath Reddy, Aijayya, Gowru Charitha Reddy,
Balanagireddy, Sai Prasad Reddy, district observers Anantha Venkatrami Reddy,
district leaders Katasani Ramireddy, Budda Seshareddy, Cherukulapadu Narayana
Reddy, Hafeez Khan, student wing’s state president Salam Babu, youth wing president
Jakkampudi Raja and others participated.

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