Homage To Babu Jagjivan Ram

Hyderabad: On the
occasion of the birth anniversary of dalit leader and ex. Deputy Prime Minister
Babu Jagjivan Ram, celebrations were held on Tuesday at the central office of
YSRCP. The party’s leaders participated in this event. YSRCP MLA RK Roja
acclaimed Babu Jagjivan Ram for his uncompromising efforts for the uplift of
dalits and underprivileged classes. SC cell president Meruga Nagarjuna,
Telangana SC cell chief Nalla Surya Prakash, the party’s official spokesperson
Vasireddy Padma, YSRCP MLC Ummareddy Venkateswarulu, MLA Uppuleti Kalpana and
others decorated Jagjivan Ram’s portrait with garlands and paid homage to him. They
praised Jagjivan Ram as a leader who had made many reforms in the Indian
society for four decades, serving as a cabinet minister in labour, agriculture
and defence ministries. They applauded him for his hard work in view of
betterment of weaker sections of the society. Leaders, activists and followers
of YSRCP participated in this event.

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