His Decisions Are A Blow To The Democracy

  • Chandrababu slaughters
  • Favouritism against
    opposition MLAs in allocation of funds
  • Purchase of MLAs with
    corrupt money
  • Babu’s governance
    illustrates misuse of power
  • Babu’s decisions are
    severe blow to democracy
  • Venugopala Krishna
    slams TDP Government
  • Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official
    spokesman Venugopala Krishna slammed the TDP Government for slaughtering
    democracy with its ways. He condemned Chandrababu’s favouritism against allocating
    funds to opposition MLAs who had been elected by people in a democratic
    fashion. He commented that Babu’s governance was a punishment to the people of
    the state and a cause of insult to democrats. He spoke to the media at the
    party’s central office in Hyderabad.

    Venugopala Krishna
    slammed TDP for threatening to hinder the development of constituencies if the opposition
    party MLAs of the respective constituencies had not joined TDP, citing
    Adinarayana Reddy and Akhila Priya as examples. He mentioned that funds had
    been allocated in the name of TDP leader Rama Subbareddy while Adinarayana
    Reddy had worked for YSRCP in Jammalamadugu constituency. Only after the latter
    had joined TDP, did the funds get released in his name. Similarly, while Akhila
    Priya worked for YSRCP in Allagadda, funds had been released to TDP leader
    Prabhakar Reddy, but after joining TDP, she could get funds under her name, he

    Venugopala Krishna
    questioned the democratic and ethical values behind this favouritism owards
    public representatives. He also called it misuse of power. He also condemned
    buying MLAs with money after they had been elected by people under a different party.
    He stated that people were observing how Chandrababu had been showing
    partiality in his decisions at village level and at constituency level and
    called Chandrababu’s decisions as a blow to the democratic system.

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