High Court's Orders Come As A Blow To Babu

  • TDP shocked by High
    Court in the matter of Sadavarthi lands
  • Instructions to not
    give sale certificates to buyers
  • Rs.1200 crore robbery
    by Babu, Lokesh, ministers and MLAs
  • YSRCP MLA Alla
    Ramakrishna Reddy

Hyderabad: The High Court’s verdict came as a shock to the TDP Government
in the case of Sadavarthi satram’s lands. In light of the petition filed by
YSRCP MLA Alla Ramakrishna Reddy complaining about corruption in the sale of
the lands, the court issued orders instructing to not sanction the sale
certificates to the buyers. Speaking to the media at Hyderabad, RK commented
that the High Court’s orders were a blow to Chandrababu. Mentioning that the
revenue officials at Chennai declared the value of the lands as Rs.7 crore per
acre, he also revealed that the joint commissioner and the endowments also had
instructed to not sell the lands for less price than that, he remarked that the
CM had set all these aside and sold the lands for Rs.26 lakh per acre. He
recollected how the High Court had stricken off the case filed by Chandrababu’s
coterie due to lack of proper evidence and stated that the court had considered
his case as there was necessary proof.

TDP’s corruption to the

RK informed that the
High Court had remarked that selling the lands for a price of Rs.26 lakh per
acre was unjust and instructed to not transfer sale certificates to the buyers
and to file a counter-petition within two weeks on this. RK mentioned how AP CM
Chandrababu, TDP MLAs and ministers were involved in the scam. He stated that
only 83 acres were left from the lands donated by great people in the past for
the welfare and conduction of the temples and suggested that at least these
lands should be utilized for poor Brahmins. He complained that almost Rs.1200
crore had been robbed by Babu, Lokesh and ministers and MLAs of TDP.


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