Happy Birthday Vijayamma—a woman of courage and grit!

As wife of legendary leader late YSR, as the mother of YSRCP chief and as the honorary president of YSRCP, YS Vijayamma is a source of inspiration and motivation for countless Telugus. She has been working incessantly for the growth and development of the party from the time it came into being. Today, is her birthday. Our heartfelt greetings. Here is a special story on YS Vijayamma.

 Indomitable courage, thy name is Vijayamma

There was darkness all around. Legendary YSR left all too sudden. YS Jagan had to leave the Congress due to the machinations of the rivals. Only YS Jagan and YS Vijayamma were there to helm the fledgling YSRCP. It was her stoic leadership that guided the party. Then, when YS Jagan was jailed on fake cases and false premises, she led the party with fortitude and steered the cadre through turbulent political waters.

As a legislator, she made incisive arguments and put the government on dock. She waged incessant battles, did deekshas and hed dharnas. It was she who was responsible for the victory of 18 MLAs, who resigned in support of the YSRCP.

She played a stellar role in every campaign that the party took up. She is now working to realize the dreams of late YSR. She always lends a helping hand for those in trouble. She believes in standing up for the people. Her approach is pro-poor and she has always put the common man at the centre of her thought. As a leader with firm belief in God, she strove for the people. Vijayamma’s majestic presence at any meet or conclave is enough to inspire the party workers and leaders. Her exhortations motivate people to give their everything for the party.

On her birthday, we wish her the very best, good luck and god sped.

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