Gudivada Leader Returns To YSRCP

In a major embarrassment to the ruling TDP, YSRCP floor leader in Gudivada municipal council Ravikanth has left the TDP and and rejoined the YSRCP. Ravikanth was recently lured into the TDP and he formally joined the ruling TDP in the presence of Irrigation Minister Devineni Umamaheshwara Rao.

On Sunday, he addressed a media conference along with Gudivada's YSRCP MLA Kodali Nani and announced his return to the YSRCP. He also revealed how he was lured into the TDP. He explained in detail who the TDP leaders coerced him to leave the YSRCP. Speaking on the occasion, Kodali Nani said the TDP was trying to buy YSRCP leaders by offering inducements and resorting to coercion. The said that he would further expose the machinations of the TDP in encouraging defections.
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