Great mishap in Pushkaraalu

Serious mishap took place in Godavari Pushkaras. Nearly 25 pilgrims
lost their life due to the failure of Government.  There was deep
silence and sorrow surrounded around the Godavari.  Many have shared
their deep condolences on the incident of loss of lives of people due to
stamping. Party official spokes person Ambati Rambabu, stated that it
is due to the failure of the Chandrababu Government.

spoke in the press meet in the Party office . This is all because of
unnecessary propaganda and all the events preparations and arrangements
related to Pushkaras are closely monitored by Chandrababu. Also, in
relation to the Pushkaras, the Endowment Department Minister has been
kept a side – Ambati reminded. While such a Philosophical and
Traditional program is going on, Why is the main person kept a side?
Questioned Ambati Rambabu. This is only to cover your corruption. So, no
other Minister is involved in this except the core team Ministers who
were a part of the arrangements stated Ambati. To seek credit from the
Chief Minister, all of them concentrated on getting marks from him and
no one cared about the devotees mentioned Rambabu.   1650 Crores of
rupees are spent where minimum standard is also not maintained due to
which we are facing such a sorrow situation. He clearly stated that he
is not seeking any Political support by highlighting this incident.

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