The Great Leader YSR is in the hearts of people

Hyderabad: There was a severe protest against removing
the portrait of the former Chief Minister and a great Leader YS Rajasekhar
Reddy. The Party MLCs, MLAs
together planned to meet the Speaker Kodela Siva Prasad . As the speaker was
not available, they met the Assembly  secretary  Satyanarayana.
They stated that the prior speaker has initiated the placement of the portrait
of Rajasekhar Reddy in Assembly lounge remembering him as the only leader who
passed away as CM. They stated to Satyanarayana, that this is not the right way
to remove the Picture of such a Great Leader. They also tried to give the
letter to the Secretary, appealing that the YSR Photo should be placed as is.
Connecting to the present situation, the YSRCP MLAs heart was filled with
grief. They questioned about the removal of the photo. The Secretary addressed
that they removed the portrait on taking the approval from the Speaker. To this action, the
MLAs stated objection and
 they sat wherever they
are stating slogans.  They also demanded that by the time the Assembly sessions
will start, the portrait should be at its pace. If not, they would take a
serious agitation said the YSRCP leaders. To this, he said that as and when the
Speaker is back, he would arrange a meeting and reassured that the photo will
be placed. The party leaders stopped the protest is seems.

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