Govt., trying to mislead ‘leak’ enquiry

Hyderabad: YSR Congress Party MLA Alla Rama Krishna Reddy on Friday alleged that the TDP government is trying to mislead the Assembly building leakage issue to cover up the lapses reported in the process of construction of new Assembly building. 
Instead of confine to leakage issue the government should order for a through enquiry into whole issue, he said.  

Speaking to media persons, the YSRCP MLA took objection to Speaker’s claim that there are no restrictions on entry into the Assembly premises and added that the media was allowed only after all preplanned arrangements were in place.

 “If the media could have permitted to gather first hand information immediately after the leakages were noticed, the truth could have been established in white and black he said and asked the Speaker to explain why other chambers in the premises including the Chief Minister and Minister’s chambers were not shown to the media persons accompanied him (Speaker) and how he starlight away walked to the leakage spot without checking on opposition leader chambers,” he asked.

Reiterating his demand for through enquiry into the whole issue the   YSRCP legislature, said people have many doubts about the quality of works. He said that allegations of in awarding contract and other aspects involved in the construction of Assembly building in a hurry should also be enquired thoroughly, Alla Rama Krishna Reddy added.
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