Govt. shielded defectors fearing by-polls

Hyderabad, March 31: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has said that the TDP government stands exposed for all the charges from corruption to fudging of funds and nepotism with the CAG Report confirming all the issues we have been highlighting and the just concluded budget session has thrown open the nefarious means of Chandrababu Naidu and the Speaker by shielding the defectors from being disqualified as they cannot win back the people’s mandate.

‘Summing up the budget session, we have done well by highlighting all the people’s issues while the State Government skirted important issues and its weakness was exposed when it has taken up the no confidence motion against the Chandrababu Naidu government and against the Speaker in a tearing hurry, bypassing the set rules only to shield the turncoats from being disqualified as TDP has no moral courage to face the elections,’ YS Jagan Mohan Reddy told reporters here on Thursday.

It is not a coincidence that CAG Report has mentioned the same irregularities which we have mentioned earlier which vindicates our stand and the corrupt practices of the TDP government.

During the budget session we have highlighted all the irregularities of the government which was in favaor in a select few and the rampant corruption in sand mining, nepotism in capital land issue, buying power at higher prices though there was an option to pay less only to benefit Chandrababu Naidu’s coterie.

‘He has breached the vote of secrecy and allowed his favoured few to buy land in the peripheries of the capital city while misleading others by dropping names of the capital city location. His prior knowledge has helped his men to acquire land in large extent and also benefit in the zonal method as the small and medium farmers lost out with their lands going into the agriculture zone and that of others in to commercial zone. This insider trading has helped his coterie to the maximum possible extent as Chandrababu Naidu has created a mismatch of demand and supply to favour his people, he said.

We have exposed the government in sand mafia which siphoned away Rs 2,000 cr a fact that was accepted by the minister Yenamala Ramakrishnudu himself and also the SC ST sub-plan amount not spent. In case of SCs 69 % of the funds were not spent.

We were the voice of the people and the government tried to gag it when we moved a no confidence motion against the State government. Setting aside the mandatory 15 days time frame, the government had taken up the issue in a hurry giving us no time to issue a whip which would eventually disqualify the defectors. The no trust move on Speaker too was handled in a similar way and the Speaker himself was in the 
Chair when the rules were given a go-by and the motion was taken up immediately.

When we have asked for a voting for passing Appropriation Bill, but it was rushed through by a voice vote and when we pressed for a division, it was not considered. To cap it up, the Speaker has announced that 67 MLAs voted against Bill in support of YSRCP which is a fallacy. Our MLA RK Roja was suspended and eight MLAs have crossed over to the treasury benches and the Speaker’s figures simply do not add up,’ he said.

Chandrababu Naidu has been buying MLAs from opposition party with his ill-gotten wealth but at the hustings, people before casting their vote will look at various parameters which include whether or not he has fulfilled his poll promises. How was his governance, how many schemes were implemented and how many scams have unfolded, how many of the promises of the Centre were materialized by the coalition, was the Rs 50,000 crores earmarked for BCs released or not, was the promise of reservations to kapus fulfilled or not how much of the amount earmarked in the SC, ST sub-plan was actually spent, how many agriculture and DWACRA loans were waived, how many jobs and stipends were given and TDP has to cut a sorry figure.

This was very glaringly evident from the fact that the ruling Party was trying to save the defectors from disqualification as they cannot go to the people’s court and get a mandate, he said.   

The CAG Report has said nothing new that we have not said earlier. Besides not spending the amounts earmarked for SCs and STs in the sub-plan, within three years Chandrababu Naidu has pushed the state, which was having a surplus for eight previous years, into revenue deficit and the borrowings and liabilities have gone over and above the permissible levels. The government did not leave the public deposits, which include Employees Provident Fund and diverted RS 22,000 crores during 2014-15 which the CAG Report has also mentioned.

On the other hand, there has been extravaganza on part of the Government. The official site shows the expenses increase by 38,000 crore in just 20 days.  

Though the Government tried to gag the Voice of People by denying us the deserving opportunity to raise issues, we have highlighted and exposed the failures of the TDP in its raw form and will continue to fight on behalf of the people, he said.

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