Government's Ways To Burden People

  • Babu has become a burden for the people
  • The poor take the blow in the name of charges and taxes
  • No jobs, no water
  • Babu, please stop bragging and keep your promises at least now: YSRCP MLAs

  • YSRCP MLA Srikanth Reddy stated that Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy ad never raised power charges or RTC bus charges during his tenure. He complained that TDO, on the other hand, in its 2-year rule had already raised the charges twice. He expressed concern regarding the colletion of Rs.4 tax and 25% VAT on diesel and Rs.4 tax and 33% VAT on petrol. Srikanth Reddy remarked that the cost of special flights of Chandrababu was in turn being put as burden on people in the form of taxes.

    YSRCP MLA Visweswar Reddy complained that the issues of drought and backward areas were not discussed in the assembly as per their severity. He condemned the state Government's procedures by saying that they benefited only certain developed areas. He also predicted that the Government's ideas like Metro rail, capital Amaravathi, development and financial models would soon become a burden for the people of the state. Visweswar Reddy questioned the Government's unnecessary greed for fame in spite of being in a state to reach Rs.1,90,000 crore debt.

    Visweswar Reddy mentioned the unemployment problem in Rayalaseema and suggested that industries should be set up in such areas to provide livelihood for youth. He demanded that the state Government had to keep its word of providing waters of Rivers Godavari and Krishna to Rayalaseema.
    Visweswar Reddy criticised Chandrababu for worrying about nothing but Amaravathi. He slammed him for ignoring the special status issue of backward areas. He demanded action from CM Chandrababu at least now. 

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