Government's Vengeful Withdrawal Of MP's Security

Chittoor: The ruling party is behaving in a vengeful manner towards YSRCP through acts like making false allegations, enticement and most recently withdrawal of gunmen. Security has been reduced to MP of Rajampet constituency, Mithun Reddy. 2+2 security has been downgraded to 1+1 security. Continuing 2+2 security to the MPs of ruling party is drawing huge negative criticism.

On the other hand, TDP leader Badri Narayana who is a relative Chittoor MLA and who is the member of none of the houses of law, is enjoying high security. Mithun Reddy, in response to the decision taken by the Government, stated that TDP leader might be under the false impression that he would be scared if his security was withdrawn but he would never be. He added that people were observing TDP's vengeful activities.
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