Government's rude behavior on 'Bandh'....Police overacts

The State Government tried to obstruct by every means the 'State Bandh' called by YCP President Jagan Mohan Reddy for achieving Special Status. The Government initiated cruel action on peacefully protesting YCP Leaders and Party Workers by provoking the Police men who overacted and attacked with batons and threatened. The Police behaved cruelly on YCP members, they arrested the party senior leaders who were protesting peacefully, and sent them to stations. The YCP Leaders fired on the government saying that by illegal arrests and cases the government is trying to suppress the voice of the opposition in the Assembly. They warned the government that their fight for Special Status will not stop with this.

MLC Subhas Chandrabose Arrested
Ramachandrapuram: The East Godavari District public have participated voluntarily in the Statewide 'Bandh' call given by YSRCP President Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy for achieving 'Special Status'. In the leadership of MLC Subhas Chandrabose the YCP members started protests from the early morning hours of today. The police took MLC Subhas Chandrabose and the party workers into custody while they were protesting peacefully at the regional Bus Depot.

Police charge with Batons on YCP Members at Hindupur
The YSRCP's Bandh for Special Status in Hindupuram of Anantapuram District created chaotic situation when the Police attacked the YCP Leaders with Batons. The leaders were protesting peacefully at the Sadbhavan Circle in the town when the Police acted cruelly on them. The Police scattered the leaders by attacking them with batons and arrested Party Constituency Convenor Vinay and ten other party workers. This incident created tension and chaos.
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