The Government’s Negligence Towards Public Welfare

Uravakonda: YSRCP MLAs Visweswar Reddy and Chand Basha stated that the TDP
Government had totally ignored people’s welfare and was carrying out incompetent
rule. They explained that a more responsible opposition YSRCP was working with
the aim of alleviation of people’s problems. YSRCP ZPTCs, MPTCs and ward
members took up 25-hour strike in front of Tehsildar’s office at Uravakonda in
Ananthapuram district, demanding the Government to sanction housing documents
and build houses for the deserving poor. On this occasion, they recollected how
Dr.YS Rajasekhar Reddy had wanted to see Andhra Pradesh as a state without a
single hut and worked in that direction by building 25 lakh houses for the poor
under Indiramma housing scheme. They also acclaimed YSR for how he had
introduced Aarogyasri scheme to ensure the health of the poor. The MLAs
criticised that Chandrababu had not sanctioned even a little land for any poor
man since their tenured started two years ago.

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