The Government’s indifference to the Tribal People’s problems

Hyderabad: YSRCP MLA Pushpa Srivani expressed her displeasure towards the Government’s improper response to the questions regarding the problems faced by the tribal people. She specifically mentioned the extremely bad quality of drinking water used by them and mentioned that this kind of water could not even be used for general needs.  

Speaking in the assembly’s media point, she presented the pictures of pregnant tribal women being taken to hospital in ‘doli’s. She mentioned that there was nobody to care when the tribal people had gone all the way walking to ITDA to report their problems. She stated that development was not happening because of the absence of a regular PO in Parvathipuram ITDA. She also complained that the engineering department was totally involved in corruption.

 Pushpa Srivani also reported that jobs were being given to ineligible people, neglecting the deserving tribal candidates. She complained that the Rs.18 crore funds sanctioned for the roadwork in tribal areas were sent back for commissions. She opined that the corruption was a result of lack of supervision. She demanded the Government to appoint a regular PO in tribal areas and solve the local problems.

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