The Government Steals the Money of the Poor

  • The Government lays its eye on the poor people’s money
  • Diversion of funds of employment assurance
  • Polavaram mortgaged for Pattiseema
  •  Hyderabad: Leader of opposition YS Jagan once again uncovered the Government’s act of diverting the poor people’s money. Protesting against this attitude of the Government, members of opposition YSRCP walked out of the assembly. Leader of opposition YS Jagan spoke about this during the question hour.

    Diversion of the Poor People’s Money

    YS Jagan specified that although it was being told that no funds were being diverted, the letter given by the ministry clearly mentioned that the funds were being diverted. YS Jagan mentioned in the assembly on Monday how the funds allocated to SC sub-plan were being diverted. He later expressed his discontent at no action being taken regarding this in spite of exposing it with proofs. YS Jagan criticized using the funds assigned to National Rural Employment Assurance scheme for laying cement roads. He supposed that employment assurance funds were actually signed for alleviating the hunger of the poor. He questioned the morality in redirecting them for cement roads. He mentioned that he was not against cement roads but suggested that more funds should have been separately allotted for that purpose.

    Weavers at Misery

    YS Jagan reminded that weaving came after agriculture in the size of the industry. He mentioned that the situation of the weavers got degraded due to the indifference of the Government. He specified that waiver of Rs.110 crore of weavers’ loans was only in the words of the people of the Government. YS Jagan stated that they had gone to the houses of 12 weavers who had died in Dharmavaram and heard their problems. He questioned the loan waiver to be limited to 22000 weavers while many others still suffered. 

    Babu’s Government Plays Bluff Game about Polavaram Project

    YS Jagan criticized the Government regarding Polavaram project. He slammed allocation of funds to Pattiseema project with no proper storage of water while mortgaging the benefits of more fruitful Polavaram project. On one hand the Government would announce that 1650 TMCs of water had flooded into the sea. On the other hand they would say that they took 8 TMCs.
    Polavaram project’s construction was meant for the storage of flood water. The water thus stored could be given to River Krishna or to Srisailam. Pattiseema does not even have storage. Polavaram project was being compromised for Pattiseema project.
    Finally the Government was not in a position to question the Telangana Government, slammed YS Jagan.

     Leader of opposition YS Jagan announced that he and other members of YSRCP were walking out of the assembly, protesting against the Government’s bluff games about the needs of general people.

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