The Government saves the Defectors

Hyderabad: The atrocity served by the TDP Government is new to the history of democracy. When the leader of opposition YS Jagan was speaking over the No Confidence Motion against the Government, the speaker Kodela Siva Prasad interrupted him as usual to announce that voting would immediately be conducted pertaining to the motion. He took up voice-sensitive voting and asked for the members' opinion. As the members if YSRCP tried to talk about it, he declared that the voting ended and that the motion was dissolved and went on to take up the discussion on budget right away. YSRCP's request for division voting on this issue was totally ignored by the speaker.

Actually, leader of opposition YS Jagan had explained that the No Confidence Motion was being passed in order to frame the defected MLAs. In spite of this, the conspiracy plotted by the Government to save them was implemented successfully. The motion was put to an end in the assembly even without proper voting.

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